Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Tube in Education

As I stated before, I have been on you tube, and I actually tried to embed a video of finding and taking heart rate to show to my students in a power point presentation I was doing on finding their RHR &MHR. However, I was not succesful because as we all know not many PE teachers have a classroom, and my labtop did not have wireless internet (let's just say my district did not want to pay for it). So, my attempt was uncessful.

I think you tube can be a useful tool in education because there are so many different videos out there that students connect with, and I am sure if I was doing a lesson on Basketball and proper form, I could definately pull up a video on K. Bryant shooting. I really believe it is what you make of it; you either create fun lessons and use appropriate videos or not.
If I get another attmept to show my kids a You Tube video that is appropriate and content related, I will definately use it.

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