Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I think I really like this site......!!!! I found so many useful links with regards to PE, and coaching. For me, Del.cio.us is a web 2.0 site that carries tones of links and feeds to every topic imaginable. The cool thing is, if you creat an account , you are creating one big file with all your favoirte links. Delicious is a simpler way to keep your sites organized. You can tag them with specific words that will help you locate them later on. For example, I found a few sites with regards to physical education and tagged them "my pe", from now on if I find any more useful sites regarding PE, I can tag it the same, and all my go to sites will be in one spot. This is much easier then creating a favorite on the internet, and then having to look through it when you want something.
This site is also a good tool to share with calleagues ; you are able to post site that can be useful for them and vise versa.

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