Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ok, so I searched the Web 2.0 site, and to be honest i did not think I would find anything interesting. But to my suprise I spend almost an hour there. I found a cool music library site (I actually set up my account/ profile) and will be a music library there to where I can access it for personal use, but most importantly I can build a music library for my classes. For example, I can use it in the weight room when we are doing a circuit training, I can use it when we are doing a line dancing, or other fitness activites we might be doing. I also found the library Revolution Health, when exploring this site, I found stuff that I could have my students research when we talk about obesity, diabetes, just to name a few. I am actually excited to plan my lessons for next year!!


  1. I was apprehensive to start too, but I was able to find a great place to manage documents and a fitness regime to help rehabilitate my healing knee. I see where using the tools from these various sites can be extremely beneficial by implementing them into a lesson plan.

  2. I actually had no clue what web 2.0 was, and when I got to the website I wasn't very impressed right off that bat either. After playing around with it though I also found that it's a really awesome use of technology. I didn't have a chance to check out the music library, but you had some great ideas on how to put it to use within our careers. I really liked the istats website. It's a great tool for keeping track of your own personal results, which I think would be a great motivator for the students to use. Thanks for your post!